Resume Writing Tips

3 Best Resume Writing Tips

To write the best resume you must take your time to learn. If not you can always choose the services of an executive resume writing service. There are many such services that you’ll get affordable today.

Even so, before you hire an executive resume writing service, it is also important to understand how the process works. That’s why you will be in a good position if you follow these best resume writing tips.

Short and Precise Sentences

First, make sure that the sentences that you use in your resume or cover letter are short. Short sentences will eradicate typos. They are also easy to follow and to understand. More importantly, you must ensure that the sentences only focus on vital things.

Don’t be wordy since you may lose relevance when writing. Your hiring manager also needs straightforward sentences that help them to save time. Strive to drive the point home as first as possible.

Stick with Simple English

Don’t sound complicated unless the job you are applying for is technical and requires the use of jargon. Simplicity will help the hiring manager to understand what you are saying or trying to put across.

Avoid clichés as much as you can. Do not twist what you want to say. Rather, remain as simple and direct as much as you can.

Most hiring managers will avoid resumes with bulky phrases, especially if the phrase is expressible in a single word.

Here are some examples of the same:

  • Did express – Expressed
  • Engaged in the solution – Solved
  • Assisted in the facilitation of – Helped to facilitate

NOTE: Most executive resume writing services will advise you to proofread your resume before you send it. A good way of doing that is to get a neutral person such as a pal to read it through.

List When Appropriate

We have people who will list almost everything in their resume when they don’t have to. You must know the difference. This is very important. If you must list things in your resume, make sure that it is necessary.

In case you list, again, you must maintain one form of listing. Do not mix numbers, bullets, and arrows. Instead, you should choose one type of listing and stick with it throughout your resume too.

Final Verdict

One more thing, you should always start from the general to the specific. If you worked in a baby shop, don’t tell us that you sold baby stuff before telling us that you worked in a baby shop. A good sequence should be self-explanatory.

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