How Marketing Culture Is Changing

How Marketing Culture Is Changing

When I started my website, my biggest dream was to rank highest on the SERPs. It is the dream of every online business – so I was no different.

However, three years down the line, I wasn’t still hitting the numbers I wanted despite doing everything right.

Wait, it wasn’t entirely right, but I thought it was, or so it seemed to me. Google’s ranking algorithm was so dynamic that I never cracked it all up. Thankfully, I got an SEO Company in Bangladesh that helped.

Now five years down the line, I am one of the highest-ranking websites. I have high organic traffic and I am making cool returns. So what changed? Well, the truth is the marketing culture changes it is dynamic and you’ll get new stuff every day.

Today, we no longer focus on billboards, posters, magazine ads, or fliers. Business is done online and much has changed. Take a look.

Content is Now King

There is no way of putting it. There is no way you can go around it. Content remains to be King. When someone visits your website, they have a need. Their needs require solutions and the solutions are best communicated using the content.

Content is, therefore, the means by which your website speaks to its visitors. So if you structure your webpages to answer a search, you will not only rank. But rank higher. It is even much better if your content makes so much sense always.

The keyword is the Booster

Keywords are the search terms that potential visitors use to find you. They will signal Google’s attention that your content is the perfect answer for the search.

To get the right keywords, you need to research in line with your target audience and the content you are creating. However, you shouldn’t overdo your keywords. If you aren’t sure of what you are doing, you should get an SEO expert like I did, to help.

Hyperlinks/ Backlinks Count

Hyperlinks and backlinks help you to embed the content on your website with that on another site. They create authority and bring you out as a reliable source. Google will use the number of backlinks that you get to gauge your authority.

It is also a way of showing that you are unique and with exclusive content. You should earn your backlinks not buy them.

Always Know User Test Metrics

You will be surprised to find out that Google does so much on your website. It will monitor your website, rank it, index it, and also track user activity.

Meaning, that when any user clicks on the website, Google tracks even the time they spend there. A longer time may mean an interesting website. In turn, you will get a better ranking. You can also use captivating content.

In short, always make sure that your website is properly structured, interesting, and easy to navigate.

Mix It Up to Spice It – Simple!

Yes. If you need the juice you must be ready to play with the ingredients. Don’t use a single type of content; it is a huge turn-off. Instead, mix it. Bring in text, images, and videos. This way your content will become richer.

Final Verdict

The Bangladesh SEO Company that I use makes it very clear. Using different types of content is the bomb and makes your page lively. Don’t run away from it. It is the easiest way to counter the dynamics of new markets and the surest deals to make a kill.