Short Film: Doll by Andrew Huang

Doll Face Credit: Andrew Huang

The standard of beauty: a fragmented belief system; predicated on the notion of purity; socially and culturally manipulative; embroiders the validation-seeking mind to produce and re-produce themselves to please the all-powering male and female gaze.

“A machine with a doll face mimics images on television screen in search of a satisfactory visage. Doll Face presents a visual account of desires misplaced and identities fractured by our technological extension into the future.” –Andrew Huang

There is much to be said about the underlying meaning of this marvelous short film by Andrew Huang.

My interpretation: as the technological world merges with our reality, we must grasp and protect our inner-beauty. We must, as humans, re-consider the meta-narratives of beauty created by media outlets; heal the generational damage which continues to inflict in our young women [and men] and omit the forced agenda which sets to sustain the generic standard of beauty.

The box… distorts our sense of taste and sends a dangerous message to strip the ownership of ourselves.
We need balance…

We need self-love and self-awareness.

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