Tupac Hologram Live At Coachella (Full Video)

Tupac Hologram extracted from the video

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Tupac Hologram Live At Coachella (Full Video)

Will Tupac’s Hologram performance change live performances forever?

Tupac Shakur is a legendary Hip-Hop artist known for his socially conscious messages, radical lyrics, and thug life persona. He was a shape-shifting walking art piece: multiple personalities, undying street perspectives, and jack-of-all-trades-type talent.

His personality matched the complexity of his music. On one end, we witnessed the aggressive side of a troubled character: hard-pressed on the injustices of society, unapologetic musings of harsh realities with soft touches of anarchic anger, and a sentimental side that embraced the universal love and angst the common man/woman experiences.

You need to see the body of his work to understand why he is still appreciated!

So, after 15 years…it was quite the surprise to see him in a hologram. After all, he was also an artist fascinated with death. We marveled in his undying ubiquity of prematurely departing earth and constantly, till this day, examined his lyrical brilliance.

Why is Tupac still relevant? The human qualities I mentioned above is strongly lacking in Hip-Hop now. The materialistic theme in the music has over-saturated the radio waves and the once dynamic mainstream representation of the culture no longer exist. It’s currently dominated by a single narrative.

Wow…what an uncanny feeling to watch this video. I’m sure the concert goers lost some sleep that evening.
Will this performance change concerts? Perhaps…I wouldn’t be surprised to see Michael Jackson eventually grace the stage or any other famous American music star. Here is the clip. What are your thoughts?

Tupac Joined Dr.Dre and Snoop Dogg on the main stage.

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  3. Felix
    April 17, 2012 at 5:20 am

    This is extremely eery beyond words. Then snoop actually interacted with him. Thanks for this one Wilkine!!

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