Blog: I’m On A Boat (Jeju island boat party)

Korean Love by Wilkine Brutus

I’m On A Boat: Jeju island boat party

What an evening of fun! We arrived at the dock around 6pm. We departed around 7pm and the party was over at 11:30ish. It was my first boat party and I kept saying the “I’m on a boat” phrase, by a hilarious Hip Hip video (here it is).  After that, the huge crowd dispersed and every group went to their own little after-party.

Part of the reasons to live is to party, to set yourself apart from suffering and to groove to the sensations of living.

I'm on a boat- Wilkine Brutus

This was an evening of free-spirited travelers celebrating life. There were people from mainland Korean and travelers visiting from the Western world. It was extremely positive with an artistic-social atmosphere. The creators of the famous local open mic series and volleyball tournament were responsible in making the boat event happen.  It was interesting…the video speaks for itself. Onelove!















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