Walks of Life: Jeju Olle Trail

Jeju Olle Trail with the "A5" group

Jeju Olle Trail with the "A5" group

You’ve heard the phrase before, “from all walks of life…” this “life seeking” group decided to manifest the phrase by utilizing Jeju Olle Trail. Nomadic souls and hiking aficionados attempt to connect their lives with the natural and man-made paths. Ironically, isn’t life natural and man-made? Ok…whatever, you get my point–that’s a discussion waiting to happen though.

The quick mini-documentary below has some profanity in it. Causal walks comes with causal gibberish.

Seekers can cruise 200km of walking, approximately eleven trail routes with new ones under construction. Suh, Myungsook is Jeju Olle Trail founder and a Jeju native. She once took on a 800km pilgrimage from France to Spain…umm yeah, that’s what I said.

This mini-documentary highlights the hilarious journey of a group of Canadian/American foreigners in Jeju, South Korea. My camera at the time was suffering from a major blow (drop) and kept re-starting, which explains the lack of footage of the woman divers. “A5″ is the group name we gave ourselves (long story extra short).  2010

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