Poet Q & A: Buddy Wakefield

Buddy Wakefield by Malcolm Smith

Buddy Wakefield by Malcolm Smith

Buddy Wakefield,  performance poet/slam poet and author two books of poetry, has made it his remarkable endeavor to make traveling a full-time occupation..a job, to lyrically and physically touch base with his fans and lure more into his web of exploration. He has been in the poetry scene for several years—his experience spills into the crowd, his universal life-questions drowns them…only to revive themselves with an applaud and an important reminder of the power of spoken-word poetry. There is also an element of inspiration and insights of tragic events in the majority of his poems. Wakefield has been in the poetry scene since 1999… consider him veteran with high-energetic personality and an uncompromising passion to live, speak, and spread poetry.  He returned my e-mail while on tour and answerd the Vanguard 10.

The Element Question: Nature. Love. Hate. Vengeance. Glamorization. Violence. Will these specific topics ever lose ground or will artist  continue to invent/-re-invent different ways of storytelling?

This sort of manipulative re-invention will lose ground where equanimity is the goal.

The Vanguard 10

1.  We obviously mature as we age. Is the evolution as an artist natural or somewhat forced? Was your maturation process short or long?

Not so sure it’s obvious… you saw our last president? Evolution happens as a result of learning naturally *and* from the “somewhat forced.”I’m still maturing. A bit on the long side…

2. What role does spirituality, politics, and cultural affairs play in your art? What are your thoughts on “consciousness” or “social awareness?”

Those are circumstantial. My art likes them in varying degrees. What are your thoughts on? Consciousness? or social awareness? —Both are good. I feel like ya might be seeking some fleshing out of these broad matters, but its 2:28am and I’m over 3 weeks into a tour living in a van with 5 people. I can only spare practicality these days.

3.  It’s arguably a human characteristic to thrive off of feedback.  In what way does that human interaction influence your craft? I run feedback through a bullshit filter with a screening of the source’s own insecurities while assuming fair intentions.

4. What is the main thing you’ve tried to avoid in your work? Lying.

5.  What’s the difference between arrogance and confidence? Can the two coincide in your world of art? Arrogance is a microwavable fatty snack. Confidence is toast. They both help me explain myself.

6.  How do you prepare for your next project? Any mishaps/strengths you keep in mind from previous works? Staying wholly healthy, so I don’t go creating any more work rooted in tragedy. Thoughts lead to feelings lead to actions. If I share the same thing every night on tour, it’s what I will magnetize. On the current Revival tour, There’s a focus on forgiveness being the release of all hope for a better past, while acknowledging that I put most of these scars here (points at own chest).

7.  What previous works would you suggest Vanguard Element readers to check out and why? The City Museum in St.  Louis, MO. It’s the work I want you to check  out. It’s a previous, present and future work. You have to read it with your body though.

8.  What’s your next project and what inspired you? A screenplay… inspired by fashionable unoriginality and the demystification of accidents. And being normal sexual. And color.

9. How easy is it to lose faith in your work? Are there greater challenges at sustaining your level of mastery? 1. It’s not an option. 2. Obsessive editing

10. Do you have a favorite quote or quotes? Anything you’ve written that can be used to encourage our readers? “Tell me that my brothers will forgive me for kicking to the service of the sea.” –Tara Hardy –Anything you’ve written that can be used to encourage our readers? …I sure hope so. Got a new book coming out by the end of the year on Write Bloody Publishing called “Gentleman Practice.”

End note: You’ve managed to blend your incredible writing skills with stage performance. What’s your brief input on the dichotomy between page and stage poets? Thank you for the compliment. Answer: They both analyze each other’s individual creative choices a bit too excessively when they could be having more peanut butter snacks together. I do love peanut butter. I could eat the pants off of peanut butter.

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