Social Commentary

Ferguson: Black & White Solutions

Michael Brown to the right, Darren Wilson to the right.

Credit: unknown

Here are a few solutions that we can implement to help alleviate the tension between Black and White Americans, and address sociopolitical & economic issues plaguing black communities in the United States of America.

Best Cities in the World to Visit: Top 25

Video Screen Shot: Wilkine Brutus

We visit cities for host of reasons: culture, architecture, food, history…and a often times it’s a combination of a few of these appealing traits. The huge travel review site TripAdvisor conducted a top 25 best cities to visit list: 2014 Travelers’ Choice

Films (Shorts)

“One Man’s Loss” by Philip Sansom

One Man's Loss, a film by Philip Sansom

Glass can cut you, and alter how you see yourself. Glass can reflect your good and bad image, and force you to alter yourself again. Glass is fragile, like life itself–and when a homeless vagabond sees fate literally falling from the sky, he rides with it.

Art & Interviews

LOVING JANELLE MONAE w/Elliott Ashby & Sam Hammington

I honestly believe I will date or, at the very least, have dinner with Janelle Monae. It’s just going to happen. And of course your biggest haters are your good friends. During our 1 1/2 hour wait in line at Prospect Park in Brooklyn, I marveled at the mere “chance” to propose to her on stage. Yes, while she’s performing.