Godless Gods (Poem)

Godless Gods: On nights when lightening is carving the canvas with it’s bloody, pointy nails which godless god will pray…

Social Commentary

Video: Affluenza is more about class than race

Ethan Couch  on the right, and the 4 victims he killed.

on Affluenza: “An environment of instant gratification and negligible consequences is almost as bad a poverty stricken environment with a lack of resources.The former harbors a dangerous sense of entitlement, the latter harbors desperate, irrational decisions to gain financial and social capital.”

Films (Shorts)

“One Man’s Loss” by Philip Sansom

One Man's Loss, a film by Philip Sansom

Glass can cut you, and alter how you see yourself. Glass can reflect your good and bad image, and force you to alter yourself again. Glass is fragile, like life itself–and when a homeless vagabond sees fate literally falling from the sky, he rides with it.

Art & Interviews

Musician Q &A: Pinnacle TheHustler

Pinnacle TheHustler

“If an artist evolves, it has to be natural. That’s how they continue to connect with their audience. My maturation is still in process. Honestly, I think that humans will never be fully mature because wisdom is essential for someone’s process; but we never stop learning.”